Six Cents is especially interested in changing a complex system to advance design goals.  Our experience developing and implementing design-driven organizational change for the City of New York has been rewarding and enlightening.  We are eager to use this expertise in deep-dive systemic innovation to implement new ideas for serving people better through design in other organizations.  

Built/NYC: Principal Victoria Milne developed this program for the City of New York to commission custom furnishings from local furniture, lighting and textile designers.  The win-win result was economic stimulus to the City's under-supported, but vital, local designer community, while providing furnishings to public facilities that best-fit their purpose.  The program included innovative procurement, a communication program, obtaining City Council funding, and an RFP and selection process, as well as project implementation.

Active Design: From 2006 to 2012 Ms. Milne was on the executive committee of Active Design, a joint program bringing Leaders in public health and the built environment together.  Its goal is to change the culture of the built environment with designs that will increase physical activity, and in so doing improve public health.  The team published several guides that have been widely influential nationally and internationally.  Active Design helped to earn the EPA's "Overall Excellence"   Smart Growth Award for 2010.  

Design and Construction Excellence: Concieving and implementing the design excellence program for the City of New York called on innovative communication programs, procurement programs, client management, project management, contract management, and evaluation programs.  We developed and implemented these, and this award-winning program resulted in substantially more beautiful, serviceable, engaging public buildings for the people of the City of New York.