Artwork to Increase Physical Activity

Our built environment leads us to be less physically active, through explicit "conveniences" and more subtle cues.  Victoria Milne has been a speaker on the principles of Active Design and helped to develop Active Design Guidelines, and is combining this expertise with over ten years of commissioning artworks to offer her clients art installations for healthcare and other facilities that will support physical activity.  While this is a nationwide need, healthcare facilities have an additional obligation under the Affordable Care Act to support wellness in their communities.  Artwork can have an important role in supporting the wellness mission.  Particular specialties include:

  • Activating fire stairs with artworks that meet your local fire codes
  • Adapting work to accommodate maintenance, approval, code and budget realities
  • Developing commissioning, production, insurance, contracting, and approval systems that will work with your user and management groups.  

Process: What is the culture of your organization?  We discuss these "soft content" issues with our client to shape a vision for types of work and approaches that would be a good fit.  A study of the opportunities and uses in the built environment helps to identify opportunities. At this phase we review the decision-making process, budget, site parameters, and other scope factors with our clients.  

Once we know we are on the same page, our firm prepares possible directions for the artwork.  Our firm manages the selection process, and works with you to contract the commission.  We would schedule interim reviews as the artwork is produced, then oversee installation and completing the work.