Production of Art, Design and Exhibitions

6¢ is specialized in producing custom art and design projects.  We work with clients to shape their vision for the environment the piece will be in.  We develop a scope and identify candidates who are within budget but express the values and identity of our client.  

 There is not always a vivid difference between art and design, but our range of experience extends from electronic chandeliers through etched sidewalks and sign-in kiosks.  Commissioned projects may be exclusively artistic or extremely functional.  For 6¢ projects, achieving the goals of the client while retaining a high aesthetic standard is critical.  

A large art or design commission can be a multi-year process with different types of expertise needed at each phase.  The selection period includes issues of preferences, budgeting, scoping, maintenance and approvals.  The fabrication and installation phases require technical expertise on material performance, conservation, and insurance.  We have experience in every phase of this work and look forward to helping your organization express its culture through a commissioned work of art or design in your facility.  

Principal Victoria Milne worked in public art for the City of New York for over ten years.  She also started a program to commission custom furnishings for public buildings called Built/NYC. 6¢ clients have included Vassar College, the Oregon Jewish Museum, and the Tacoma Art Museum. Projects have ranged in budget from $50,000 to $400,000, in very complex approval and installation environments.  Please contact us, we enjoy discussing new projects of all types and sizes.